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Burden Park Bowling Club

Corner Springvale Road and Heatherton Roads, Springvale



Burden Park Bowling Club is situated in beautiful Burden Park on the South-East  corner of Springvale and Heatherton Roads Springvale South,a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria Australia,approx 30 klm South East of Melbourne.The club has three superb grass greens(one is floodlit for night bowls) Two greens are drought tolerant grass making all year round games possible,something unthinkable fifty years ago when the club was formed. There is an excellent club house with ample parking off an entrance from Heatherton Road and can comfortably seat 200 people with a fully licensed bar,large kitchen and an outdoor barbeque available for corporate days and social events.

Do yourself a favour and check out the hospitality of Burden Park soon,you won't be sorry! 



What magnificent weather we are having for bowls. Everyone is having a great time which is fantastic. 

Now comes the crunch , we had a a very good day on Sunday doing a sausage sizzle at Bunning's Springvale where the efforts of A Cookie, Russell,Peter,Wayne,Heather,John Briggs,Graham H,Doug Mc,John T,SteveL,Richard T,Lovey,David T,Neil Turner,Tina M, did a magnificent job all day to raise $920.25 profit for the club.
Well done to all concerned and at this point I would like to invite all members to get involved and assist your very active social committee led admirably by David Thomas. 

A great big welcome to John & Susie Lewis, Laurie Caulfield, Harold Ritchie,Frank Cannizzo,Robert Eklom and Tom Murphy it's great to have you all on board. 

Keep up to the jack and support not your club, but OUR CLUB.





                    Latest Tuesday Pennant Results 2014/2015

     Team                    Score                       Opponent                        Date

  Div 2 Open Sec 6                  00.00                              Dandenong Club 2                   23 Sept

  Div 4 Open Sec 6                  00.00                              Waverley Golf 4                       23 Sept



                     Latest Saturday Pennant Results 2014/2015



       Team                        Score                      Opponent                        Date  


  Div 1 Sec 3                                    00-00                            Cheltenham                              04-Oct


  Div 2 Sec 7   LOST                         00-00                            Clayton 3                                 04-Oct


 Div 4 Sec 7   LOST                          00-00                            Cranbourne 4                            04-Oct


 Div 6 Sec 6   LOST                          00-00                            Vermont South 5                       04-Oct


 Div 8 Sec 4                                      00-00                            Dandenong City                        04-Oct