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Burden Park Bowling Club

Corner Springvale Road and Heatherton Roads, Springvale



Burden Park Bowling Club is situated in beautiful Burden Park on the South-East  corner of Springvale and Heatherton Roads Springvale South,a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria Australia,approx 30 klm South East of Melbourne.The club has three superb grass greens(one is floodlit for night bowls) Two greens are drought tolerant grass making all year round games possible,something unthinkable fifty years ago when the club was formed. There is an excellent club house with ample parking off an entrance from Heatherton Road and can comfortably seat 200 people with a fully licensed bar,large kitchen and an outdoor barbeque available for corporate days and social events.

Do yourself a favour and check out the hospitality of Burden Park soon,you won't be sorry! 


Winter  Bowls at Burden Park

Winter bowls has started at Burden Park Bowls Club and we welcome players from all clubs.Come and play 2 bowl triples on one of Melbournes best grass greens. Games are played every Wednesday and Saturday(weather permitting)starting at 11AM,tea and coffee supplied, BYO lunch.The bar is generally open.To put your name down please phone the club on 95468851 or call in to the club any afternoon after 4PM. 



Burden Park Bowling Club Inc.


ABN 55 004 471 121                              Inc. No. A0061248SW


Metropolitan Bowls Victoria Pennant

 Mid-Week and Saturdays

 Match Committees 2015/16


Welcome to all Burden Park Mid-week, Saturday and Night pennant bowlers as we prepare for the 2015/16 season.

 Composition of Selection Committees


Most of you will be aware nominations were for called for the position of Selection Committee Chairperson.

 The Bowls Committee have decided that there should be a separate Chairperson for both Mid-week and Saturday. 

The Bowls Section Committee has appointed Neil Turner, Chairperson Saturday and Barry Anderson Chairperson Mid-week. 

At the same time expressions of interest were called from members to be part of either, the Mid-week or Saturday pennant selection committees. 

The Mid-week Selection Committee has appointed Meg Dodgson, Anita Clapperton, Barry Anderson, Bob Dixon and Sherril Anson as the Mid-week Selection Committee.

 The Bowls Section Committee accepted the expressions of interest of Joel Eklom, Roy Douglas, Alan Willcocks and Mark Layton to become the Saturday Selection committee.


Pre-Season Practice Matches

Sheets are on the board at the club for each Saturday and each Tuesday, so get your name down as soon as you are able.



           Friday 28th / Saturday 29th August Season Opening weekend.


          Tues 1st September     Intra Club Pennant practice – club colours

          Sat 5th September        Intra Club Pennant practice - club colours

          Tues 8th September     Pennant practice at Noble Park

           Sat 12th September      Intra Club Pennant practice

           Tues 15th September   Practice at home

           Sat 19th September      Sides 1, 2 & 3 v Mornington Civic

                                                 Balance of players Intra Club Pennant practice at Burden Park

           Tues 22nd September     Practice match at home ? maybe 4 rinks v Dandenong Club

                                                  Balance of players Intra Club Pennant practice at Burden Park

             Sat 26th September     Sides 1, 2 and 3 v Glen Waverly – venues to be determined

                                                    Balance of players Intra Club Pennant practice at Burden Park

 Players not selected in the sides for the above matches will be organized into sides for pennant practice at Burden Park

  Also, if your name is not yet on the 2015-16 Pennant list sheet, please assist us by putting your name on the list as soon as possible.


 Season Commencement Dates – Please Note: Saturday Pennant this year begins on a Sunday


Mid-week: Tuesday 29th September               Saturday pennant: Sunday 4th October

 Sunday pre-season Practice and Coaching

 Will be held on Sundays 23rd, 30th, August and September 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th from 10am to 12noon.

 These sessions are designed to benefit ALL players regardless of your perceived ability and reputation.


Pennant and the Victorian Open (November 7th - 13th)

 All Players please Note: That due to the Victorian Open there will be no pennant matches scheduled on Saturday 7th, or Tuesday 10th November, however the Saturday Pennant will recommence on Saturday 14th November and Mid-week Pennant Tuesday 17th November.


Mid-week Bowlers please note there are two Thursday pennant games scheduled, 29th October and 28th January.


Feedback from players 
 Apart from the rating slips the selectors will endeavour to make themselves available at the end of each Saturday and Tuesday game should you have something to say on your own, or your side’s performance.
It is amazing the number of gripes that are expressed at the end of the season when it is ALL too late.


Pennant Unavailability
The most difficult task for selectors is minimizing changes and maintaining stability throughout our sides. What jeopardizes stability more than anything else is the number of players that are unavailable from week to week. It is understood that illness, work and family commitments take a high priority for players. Having said that, however, we would hope that all players will endeavour to approach their pennant bowls as a commitment to their club and team mates, not just to themselves.

 ‘Selection Area’
Sides for Mid-week, Saturday and Night pennant will as was undertaken last season be placed on the ‘selection board’.
The notice board immediately alongside the selection board will be for the ‘Unavailable’ lists
 On the south side of the large notice board that protrudes towards the main hall we will place all notices relating to Pennant, Club games and other matters directly connected to the Club’s competitive bowls activities.
 The north side (that was formerly the ladies’ notice board) will be used for Bowls Victoria notices such as event information, entry forms and any other relevant information sent to us by Bowls Victoria.
Alongside the Bowls Secretaries’ office is a white board and this will be used for Bowls Event Invitations or such other information that is received by the Club.
So keep your ‘eye’ on both sides, as we may from time to time have to put some notices on the ‘other side’

 Club Singles – Men’s and Ladies’ events
The entry sheets for both these events will be on the notice board shortly and entries will close in early October. As most of you are aware these two events need to be completed by Christmas to allow our winners to be entered into the Bowls Victoria Champion of Champions event.

 Most Consistent Player Award 

The Club’s Most Consistent Player award for Mid-week and Saturday will continue this year and results will be posted every 2 to 3 weeks.

As I have said above, if you have any gripes or grizzles or even a good or constructive word about selection then speak up, do not grizzle behind our backs ‘get it off your chest’

Neil Turner                                                                                    Barry Anderson                          

 (Chairperson on behalf of the Saturday Selection Committee)           (Chairperson on behalf of the Mid-week
                                                                                                                               Selection Committee)   



If your name is not yet on the Mid-week and/or Saturday Pennant list - help us to help you, by calling in to the club and putting it on the list(s).